Was für Hochzeitsparty tragen

Bridal showers are the last moment for the bride to spend time with girlfriends as a single woman. It is commonly celebrated at the most comfortable place of the bride with a theme that is of interest of the bride. It is like the last chance for the bride to go wild and crazy as a single lady. Hence, it is all about fun and enjoyment. Everyone is worried about what to wear for the party. Actually, there is no protocol for the dresses. It just needs to be coordinated with the rest of the group.

When deciding on what to wear you should know first the theme of the bridal shower. If the theme is not decided, you can guess it from the interest of the bride. If you still do not know, you might also ask the bride to be sure. Let’s say the party is in one of the function halls of a prestigious hotel at 7:00 in the evening, then, it’s probably a cocktail party. Find yourself a cocktail dress with a simple yet classy look on it. If it is a pool side party, better grab your best swim wear and a floral print dress for a chicer summer look. Wear a casual dress if the party is going to be held in your mom’s home. You can wear your most comfortable khaki shorts paired with a tshirt and flats for a barbeque party during the warm seasons. If the party is held in an exciting and unique place, find yourself an outfit based on the theme. Some will have a pajama party, therefore, a nighties or any sleep wear will do. If it happens that the bride is so into cartoon characters, then, look for a costume like the Disney characters, or Superman characters. It can probably be anything that you could think of.


The essential thing you should remember is that you are going to find some dresses that fit you well. The dress that you can really say “you look beautiful” when you stand before the mirror. However, bear in mind that you shouldn’t look more stunning than the bride. It is her last enjoyment as a single lady. Therefore, she should be the star of the party.


(Beachten Sie die folgenden Links, um eine große Auswahl an Hochzeitsgesellschaft Kleider, Von http://www.bridesire.de)

Brautjungfernkleider: http://www.bridesire.de/brautjungfernkleider_c110

Abendkleider: http://www.bridesire.de/abendkleider_c114

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